Alita Letwin

Feminist, pro-labor, anti-war, civil rights, and social justice activist

Alita Letwin

Alita Zurav Letwin September 17, 1932-January 16, 2020

Alita Letwin was smart, funny, kind, and an inspiration to people of all ages.

In 2019, I was fortunate to spend time with my friend Alita when she came to Bellingham Washington. She was heading out to a rally, of course, and ready to lend her voice to the “national injustice of the month.” There have been so many it’s hard to remember the exact unfairness. She was indefatigable in her wanting to make things better.

Here we are at her friend’s home on that special day for both of us.

Alita and Leon, her husband of 63 years, were better together but amazing each on their own in work, community, and making the world better. We lost two steady and bright lights in the world with their passing.

Dinner at their house was delicious, often hilarious, where all topics were welcome at their long table. They became an extended family for me and my family – it always felt nurturing and special whenever I was included.

An early education specialist for many years at the Center for Civic Education in Los Angeles, Alita conducted law-related teacher training programs throughout the United States and around the world.

A lifelong feminist, she was pro-labor, anti-war, a civil rights advocate, and social justice activist. She had a love of life and a zest for experiencing the world in all its cultural and natural wonders. She had a drive to connect with people and forge community at every turn, and to champion human rights near and far. All of these qualities animated her from her first days to her last. More information about her life and just how special she was can be found at


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– Nancy Canyon

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