Cami Ostman

Cami Ostman

A “Jill of all trades” including therapist, teacher, coach, and a great friend to writers. And there’s more…

There is much you should know about Cami Ostman. Here goes:

She runs marathons and wrote a memoir about it – Second Wind: One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents. 

She is also a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, coach, and co-founder of Red Wheelbarrow Writers in Bellingham, WA with Laura Kalpakian.

In 2016 she launched The Narrative Project and since that time has taught, inspired, and midwifed more than a dozen books into being. My memoir, The Red Kitchen, would not have happened without Cami. I suspect that this is the case for everyone whose writing and personal lives she has touched.

Her latest contribution to life in Covid-19 is everything Cami’s about. Here’s the recent Wall Street Journal’s title that includes a very Cami solution:

“Tired All the Time? Here Are New Ways to Recharge as the Pandemic Drags On. After months of stress and frustration, many are searching yet again for a reset—let’s call it the fourth wind.”

Cami ran 10 miles in 10 consecutive days and has inspired others to set goals that can help reboot ourselves.

One more Cami contribution to writers, readers, and friends – workshops (often free), this year a virtual conference, and much more on her website. In her spare time she manages several websites, blogs, writing projects of her own, and time for checking in with friends and fellow writers.

And did I mention she’s a dog lover and owner, and knows a good bottle of wine when she sees it? Indeed, she does.

Want to find out more about Cami’s books, workshops, and The Narrative Project? Send her a message or see all that the amazing Cami has going on for writers and others.

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