Maria and Geoffrey Knight

Maria & Geoffrey Knight

What do you do when the pandemic shuts down your thriving business? Maria and Geoffrey Knight (and Jack) owners of the Pilates Studio of Bellingham had to create a Plan B.

In their own words: “The community we have created together over the course of the last 17 years is deep and full of support.  Please know that the foundation of The Pilates Studio of Bellingham remains strong and we will continue to serve you the best that we can.”

And, here’s what Plan B often looks like on sunny days:

The Mat and Posture Stretch Therapy (PST) and bonus sessions on Zoom or videos via YouTube arrive each week—something for everyone—rain or shine.

I am one of hundreds, maybe several thousand people, who have recovered from injuries, stayed flexible as we aged, and basked in the camaraderie that Geoffrey and Maria created through the years in the studio.  

Plan B is what so many businesses have had to create. They need our support to not only make it financially but to continue to express in the services they provide their passion and commitment to their clients.

And they are so right about this: “Please remember that these are the times when our Pilates practice is most necessary: the resiliency tools you cultivate on the mat in studio classes are ones that you are capable of applying to your daily activities in the current climate.  Now is the time for us to look out for one another, and to tap into the deep well of compassion that our Studio practice teaches us.”

Here’s how to give your body a gift – no matter where you live these days!

The Pilates Studio of Bellingham

And, here are two bonus photos–one from the past (is that Bono in the straw hat?) and one from the present – our cat Violet who hits the mat as soon as she hears Maria and Geoffrey say, “Hello everybody.”

Geoffrey worked as a Bono look-a-like for several years, especially walking around in Ireland! And, listen up, Bono. ‘‘He has terrible posture. I would love to get him into a Pilates studio,’’ Geoffrey said in an interview.

And, Violet who tends to hog the mat!


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